Breeding for Particular needs

For over 14 years, we have become obsessed with one hybrid of dogs that is a perfect match for the special needs of the families we encounter. These families have a list of necessary qualities they need that looks something like this:
Loyal, CALM personalities, ...
Intelligent, easily trained and
...not too big.
So, we now have Mediums, MINIs and Petite Goldendoodles puppies in GORGEOUS COATS: Reds, Golds, White Tux and Parti.
Here you will learn more about our
Breeding Program featuring....
the Mamas and the Papas...
and the Guardian Homes that make this work possible

Early-Training & Careers

The first time we house-trained a baby-dood was quite honestly an accident. One of our pups had sustained a nasty cut on her back and needed to be kept away from her siblings for about 3 days. By following our routine, this 6 wk-old was house-trained! This launched P.E.T.S. (our Program of Early-Training with Socialization) Now, many of our Doodles are pre-tested and chosen for service fields, such as Medical Alert, Safety Companions for troubled or disabled children, and Certified Pet Therapy. Click below to learn more.

education & rescue

We love to research and teach other dog-lovers what we have learned over the past 18 years as "certifiable dog-nuts!" No matter what breed, size, or sex... we ADORE ALL DOGS! However, not ALL dogs are suitable for ALL FAMILIES. That is why we provide, free of charge, counseling to families who want to RESCUE a dog. Here you will read current info about important health and behavior topics. Experience and knowledge usually comes with a cost, but the lesson is worth the pain when it is SHARED for everyone's BENEFIT.

PLEASE remember to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW us!… We post our Goldendoodle Puppy Stories (GPSs) in different ways and means. Our goal is that ALL  members of our future adoption families will benefit from the info and videos you find.

Who We Are. What We Do

We are Lisa, Michael and Grandma Joy… a multigenerational family situated on an acre of fenced property in Lynchburg, VA. We purposefully breed and early-train multi-generational Mini-Goldendoodles in our home. 

Our Guardian Homes

Here at EverDoodles, we oppose the idea that breeding dogs are best served by the traditional method of being kennel-raised . As pack animals, dogs benefit most when placed in a home where they BELONG from an early age.

This is what we do with our adult dogs, through our “Guardian Home Program.”  It works similarly to Foster Care Programs for children needing adoption. Each dog has a home of their own with families who love them dearly. Our dogs will be certified pet therapists serving their communities before returning here to give birth to our next generation of EverDoodles. W LOVE and APPRECIATE our GUARDIAN HOMES… because they are the backbone behind the work we do.

So, if you live within 1-2 hours of Lynchburg, VA, please click below to learn more.

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